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Our  Shared Hosting Support

The Method Technologies Shared Hosting support team is dedicated to help you make things happen. We understand Shared Hosting and know what it takes to make your hosting experience a continual success.

A Dedicated Server Environment  Shared Hosting

In our datacenter environment we own and are liable for all infrastructure and maintenance, removing the encumbrance from the consumer. This allows you to spend more time focusing on your applications and business. We have very flexible answers as we understand that no two customers are alike. Method Technologies is your first call for Dedicated Servers answers.

Colocation Services  Shared Hosting

Regardless of how few or how plethora servers you have, there is a Colocation Services answer that will fit your business. Method Technologies offers a very mixed set of elements that allows us to ensure your company gets what it needs. From flexible pricing for both rack-mounted and tower servers to cost effective bandwidth, let us work with you to solve all of your Colocation Services needs.

  • Shared Linus Hosting
  • Shared Windows Hosting
  • Dedicated VPS
  • Custom Solutions
  • Rack or Tower Colocation
  • Private and Secure Racks and Cages
  • 24/7 Remote Hands

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